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Matthieu Chareyre

Socosur President

Since day 1, the personal development of Socosur’s employees has been closely linked to the corporate development because we believe that the success of the company relies on the one of its employees.

Our HR strategy aims to build successful teams and create the conditions for individual and collective commitment in a sustainable way.

A cautious care to bring the best office environment (up to the ping pong table and babyfoot clichés), best IT tools to be efficient while working remotely while ensuring full security to the confidential information exchanged with the servers.

To achieve this goal, we encourage initiative and autonomy, allowing everyone to act and express themselves in their work and establish core principles of respect, responsibility, and trust at the heart of our relationships.

We seek to recognize the contribution of our employees by offering them the opportunity to grow within the company and express their potential. And any achievement is a relevant justification for a nice fooding experience which is another important corporate value.

Working at Socosur means participating in an ambitious business project: offering innovative solutions to pharmaceutical and Biotech industries which simplifies the manufacturing of top of the class pharmaceutical drugs products.

It is also to be part of a fast growing context, both in France and internationally, with strong momentum and development opportunities.

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Socosur, we don’t just display our values

    ...we want them to be lived!

Our reputation is based on three core values: 

  • Strictest confidentiality
  • Cautious GMP / GDP responsibility and
  • above the industry standard’s Regulatory support or Toxicological expertise.

Our success is due to our close collaboration with partners who share a common vision of our principles.


  • Coming fresh out of my master 2 at Paris Saclay in Toxicology, joining Socosur was an unexpected surprise. I first learned about the company from another fellow student in my master. From the first interview with CEO Matthieu Chareyre, you could tell you were in for a enriching first experience.

    I started my internship at Socosur in the end of January 2020 as part of my M2 program in toxicology and risk assessment. Ever since i joined the team, I gained an immense experience from every person working there and was allowed to put my skills to good use.

    In the span of 6 months, I was able to prepare and develop toxicological reports, mostly permitted daily exposure reports. I was able to put my toxicological knowledge into practice. I was part of the team that elaborated digital marketing content for the toxicological section of the website.

    I now proudly occupy the position of Occupational and Cosmetics Toxicologist.

    With every new challenge we face on a daily basis, we learn the importance of team work. We thoroughly assess every decision and every choice we make all in one goal, the success of the company.

    Here at Socosur, you will meet dynamic people, full of passion for their work. The environment created provides the motivation to grow professionally and to develop even further your capabilities.

    This world of opportunities is open and it is yours to grab.

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