Created in 1991, we managed to remain a privately owned company.





From France we extended our territory to Spain and Germany in 2001 and Egypt in 2004.

Thanks to Indis Associates we have access to the world!


The take over of the company by Matthieu Chareyre in 2009, brought an enlargement of the products and services portfolio, peptides as well as widening geographic development of both producers origins and customers coverage.


We are now also a key European player in developing HBELs

Product Daily Exposure and Occupational Exposure Limit as per EMA/CHMP/ CVMP/ SWP/169430/2012
and Occupational Exposure Limits and its banding, especially Safebridge / Naumann banding scheme for calculation of the upper limit in the workplace and product categorization according to NTP 798, up to the development of corresponding Health Surveillance Protocols

Our other toxicological services are :

We are performing QSAR in silico ICH M7 Mutagenic impurities

We can perform all your EU required Environmental Risk Assessments to be supplied at a reduced cost with any EU Marketing Authorization appliance as per directive 2001/83/EC

We also developed a pioneering solution for stability programs that face an Out of Specifications issue
We can save your stability program by full characterization of such impurity and resetting its specification value

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