A3P Cosmetics Symposium 202105 October 21

A3P Cosmetics Symposium 2021

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We will attend A3P Cosmetics symposium 2021 with a booth.

Do not hesitate to meet us on booth n°2

The understanding of the level of control of outsourced services or manufacturers of componants and cosmetic ingredients appars as a un key point in the safety of products. Then, arises the difficulty of organising and managing external auditings, taking into consideration their number and sometimes their remote geographical localisation from
suppliers. The experience of mutualised auditings, presented this year during this new edition will enable review their utility, for the purchasers as much as for suppliers benefiting from this initiative.

The 2020 Edition will also address hygiene operations of production equipment with, on one hand a round table dedicated to cleaning operations validation in a strictly cosmetic contex, and on the other hand a series of conferences about disinfection. This will be an opportunity for participants to anonymously ask questions through a phone application, in order to better understand the acceptable limits of validation, without necessarily verbatim agreeing to the pharmaceuticap approach.

Experiences of disinfection of production equipment, with accounts of many players (cosmetic manufacturers and various players from the field of DEP system engineering, manufacturing of disinfection products, or validation service providers) will enrich the debate.

Address : Hôtel Mercure Lyon Château Perrache

Website : https://www.a3p.org/a3p-cosmetique-2021-lyon/

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